Super Sires designed the Breeders Purse Program in 2019 with the owner and breeder in mind. Here’s what you need to know:


  • All foals sired by a Super Sires stallion that was ENROLLED during the foal’s breeding year are ELIGIBLE for Breeders Purse monies

  • Breeders Purse foals are also eligible to show in Stakes Classes

  • Example: Foal BRED in 2019 will be eligible for 2019 Breeders Purse classes IF the sire was ENROLLED in Super Sires in 2019


  • Annual Participating Stallion Enrollment Fees

  • Separate Breeding Purse account for each BREEDING YEAR

  • Designed to follow the foal throughout its show career

To nominate your foal or horse to the Super Sires Program visit the FORMS page and complete a NOMINATION FORM.

What is the difference between Breeders Purse Classes and Stakes Purse Classes?
Learn about the Super Sires Stakes Purse Program HERE

To further explain, here is an example. In 2019, a mare owner breeds to a 2019 enrolled Super Sires stallion. The resulting foal from that breeding would be born in 2020. The 2020 foal, after nomination to the Super Sires program will be eligible to show in for 2019 Breeders Purse monies as a yearling in the Super Sires Breeders Purse events. In 2022, the foal will be a 2 year old and once again eligible to show for 2019 Breeders Purse monies in the 2-Year-Old Super Sires Breeders Purse events. In 2023, the foal will be a 3 year old and again eligible to show for 2019 Breeders Purse monies in the 3-Year-Old Super Sires Breeders Purse events.

Previous Year Breeders Purse Information

Beginning in the year 2019, 100% of the participating stallion enrollment fees are being distributed to participants in Super Sires Breeders Purse events for foals that are products of the corresponding Super Sires breeding year. This plan was created to protect and provide the monies promised to the mare owners that bred to a stallion in a specific year.

During the breeding years of 2015 thru 2018, 50% of the participating stallion enrollment fees was paid out directly in Super Sires events and 50% was reserved in Super Sires, LLC, bank account in Muncie, Indiana, as corresponding Breeders Purse schedules.

The reserved Breeders Purse schedules were maintained for a four (4) year period, beginning in 2015, and ending in 2018. This practice was to cover the payout addendum for resulting foals of corresponding breeding years in Super Sires events. These reserved funds ensured a Breeders Purse for foals of the corresponding breeding years, in the case his/her sire did not maintain Annual Enrollment status due to death or other circumstances.

Super Sires has Awarded


$1.1 MM

In cash and prizes


$200 K

Awarded in 2023


$81 k

to Non-Pros in 2023


$91 k

to Open in 2023

Why Super Sires?

Integrity || Experience || Transparency || Passion for the Industry

Super Sires award

Stallion Owners

  • Marketing

  • Increase in Offspring Earnings

  • Return of Investment

Super Sires breeders


  • Marketing Opportunites for Foals
  • Protected Investment (Purses based on Breeding Year)

  • Affordable Nominations

Super Sires owners exhibitors


  • Lucrative Purses
  • Prestigious Venues
  • Program Longevity
Super Sires trainers


  • Exclusive Events
  • Non-Pro & Open Classes
  • Led “By Horsemen – For Horsemen”

Thanks to our 2021 Venues

All American Quarter Horses-Congress
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Getting Excited about

Super Sires

As we are the program made by horsemen for horsemen we always enjoy and get excited on the success of our fellows horsemen Owners, Exhibitors and trainers. These are our latest results and you can view more by visiting our Results page

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