Super Sires Know That Progeny Earnings Matter To Stallion Owners!

It pays BIG to have your stallion in the Super Sires Program and to nominate your eligible horses!

The Progeny Earnings Of The Top Twenty Stallions in the Super Sires Program by December 2023
The Lopin Machine – PE $95,457.33
it’s a Southern Thing – PE $82,283.63
Extremely Hot Chips – PE $80,931.05
Too Sleepy To Zip – PE $75,954.15
A Touch Of Sudden – PE $60,464.25
VS Code Blue- PE $42,955.74
Blazing Hot – PE $42,913.62
Makin Me Willy Wild – PE $40,734.85
Good I Will Be – PE $36,216.25
Gettin Impulsive – PE $28,111.25
The Rock – PE $27,353.95
VS Flatline – PE $26,343.10
How Bout This Cowboy – PE $25,297.00
Hubba Hubba Huntin – PE $23,986.25
Good Better Best – PE $23,759.00
Lazy Loper  – PE $22,138.47
VS Code Red – PE $20,659.50
Heart Stoppin – PE $19,574.44
Mechanic – PE $16,188.80
Gone Viral – PE $14,624.45

Horses must be NOMINATED to enter Super Sires Program


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Super Sires owners exhibitors

Super Sires gives sizeable purses at prestigious venues

  • Over $900,000 in cash and prizes has been given away.

  • $500,000+ (and growing) is set aside for future BREEDERS PURSES

Super Sires award

Super Sires offers a variety of classes

  • Western Longe Line, Pleasure, Trail, Western Riding and more.

  • Hunter Under Saddle Longe Line and Hunter Under Saddle classes

Foals become eligible for online sales offered by Super Sires



Increase Super Sires foal marketability

  • Worldwide exposure through Online Sales & Website

  • Increase value with large purses available through Super Sires events

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Super Sires Nomination Fees are based on the age of the horse and are as follows (as of January 1, 2023):
• $150 – Weanling (postmarked through December 31 of foaling year);
• $250 – Yearling (postmarked through December 31 of yearling year); or
• $350 – 2-Year-Old to 3-Year-Old (January 1 of 2YO year and up); or
• $150 – 4-Year-Old and Beyond (January 1 of 4YO year and up – Anniversary Special).

Requirements for your horse to be eligible for BREEDERS PURSE classes are the following:
• Horse’s sire must be enrolled in Super Sires during conception year of foal.
• Horse must be NOMINATED to the Super Sires program
Learn more about the Super Sires BREEDERS PURSE Program

Requirements for your horse to be eligible for STAKES PURSE classes are the following:
• Horse’s sire must have been enrolled in Super Sires for one year (any year.)
• Horse must be NOMINATED to the Super Sires program.
Learn more about the Super Sires STAKES PURSE Program

You’ll need to complete a NOMINATION FORM.  Submit form with payment and your horse becomes eligible for entry into the corresponding Program classes.

Yes, all nominated horses are provided a digital Eligibility Certificate that notes eligibility (Breeders Purse Year and/or Stakes Purse).

You can find a list of nominated horses HERE or give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.

Super Sires has Awarded


$1.1 MM

In cash and prizes


$200 K

Awarded in 2023


$81 k

to Non-Pros in 2023


$91 k

to Open in 2023