The Lopin Machine
Western Pleasure Super Sire
Foals eligible from breeding years:
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List of Nominated Foals
2012 AQHA Sorrel Stallion
A Good Machine x Hot Lopin Louise by Blazing Hot
Owned by Masterson Farms

2014 Congress NSBA 2 YO Masters Western Pleasure Champion
2015 Show For Dough NSBA 3 YO Open Western Pleasure Champion
2015 Congress 3 YO Western Pleasure Reserve Champion
NSBA LTE: $61,682.76

Premier Quarter Sires
Super Sire Stallion Service Sale - PENDING
This Stallion Service has been marked as PENDING.
Standing at:
Masterson Farms, LLC
400 Union Drive
Somerville, TN 38068 U.S.A
(901) 444-1105 

Nominated Foals by The Lopin Machine

Purse Year
Foaling Date
Registered Name
Reg #(s)
2016 1/1/2017 Lopin In Life AQHA S A Private Invitation
2016 3/8/207 Lovely Lopin Lady AQHA M Chexme Out Willy Gud
2016 1/1/2017 Its Ben A Pleasure AQHA S Im N RL Cutie
2016 1/1/2017 Borntobelopinmachine AQHA G Its Best To Be Hot
2016 4/12/2017 Willy Be Lopin AQHA G Lucky To Be Invited
2016 2/11/2017 Mastering The Lope AQHA M Moonlite Ventures
2016 1/21/2017 The Range Loper AQHA G Ms Open Range
2016 1/1/2017 Pending AQHA M One Hot Mouse
2016 1/1/2017 Pending AQHA S One Hot Mouse
2016 4/17/2017 Machine Girl AQHA M Only Girls Invited
2016 3/18/2017 Machine Life AQHA S Shes So Blazing Hot
2016 1/1/2017 Always Lopin AQHA S Suddens Leadin Lady
2017 2/7/2018 A Lopin Echo AQHA S A Sudden Echo
2017 1/10/2018 Shez Certainly Lopin AQHA M Another Certain Vino
2017 1/10/2018 Lopin Like Thizz APHA/AQHA S Chip N Zziple
2017 5/6/2018 The Blazing Machine AQHA M Chippin Lazily Along
2017 4/16/2018 Dun Lopin IBHA/AQHA/ABRA G Gotta Hot Mouse
2017 4/15/2018 Lope Like A Machine AQHA M Im Invited To Zip
2017 3/25/218 Pending AQHA M Krymsun Hot Invite
2017 4/10/2018 Only A Dream Machine AQHA M Only Version
2017 4/5/2018 Only Meant To Be AQHA S Only Version
2017 1/7/2018 The Lopin Affair AQHA S Presidential Affair
2017 3/22/2018 Money Gate AQHA S RL Essence
2017 2/24/2018 All A Sudden Lopin AQHA G RL Suddenly Rich
2017 3/19/2018 Hold Ma Beer AQHA S Secrete Dreams
2017 4/17/2018 VS Revitalyzedmachine AQHA M VS Revitalyzed
2017 5/8/2018 Pending AQHA M VS Revitalyzed
2017 5/14/2018 Lopin Lika Jaguar AQHA M Zippin Ina Jaguar

Update 8/20/2019.
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