The Super Sires Executive Committee recently met to discuss plans following the unfortunate cancellation of Tom Powers Triple Challenge this week. Super Sires has held classes during Tom Powers Futurity since 2014 with plans to give away over $20,000 at this year’s event.

Super Sires E.C. has agreed the best option for our exhibitors, as well as stallion owners is to move the classes and monies scheduled for Tom Powers Futurity to the legendary All American Quarter Horse Congress in October. This will increase totals in Super Sires monies to over $70,000 at the 2022 Congress!

Super Sires will present NUTRENA Non Pro Yearling Western Pleasure Longe Line (Breeders Purse) with $8,200 cash ($5,000 to 1st place) and will run concurrently with the Congress Non Pro Yearling Longe Line.

As planned, Super Sires will host our EQUINE CHRONICLE 3 Yr Old Non Pro Open & Limited Western Pleasure (Breeders Purse) event, adding $12,500 allocated for Tom Powers Futurity to the 2022 All American Quarter Horse Congress, 3 Yr Old Non Pro Western Pleasure class creating a total purse for Non Pros of $25,000, with $15,000 to Open riders and $10,000 to Limited riders!

Super Sires is excited to present a “standalone” 2 Yr Old OPEN WESTERN PLEASURE BREEDERS PURSE class at the 2022 All American Quarter Horse Congress, with an estimated purse of $20,000+!

In addition, Super Sires is thrilled to present the 1st SALE GRADUATES class, the MID-SOUTH EQUINE 2 Yr Old OPEN WESTERN PLEASURE class to be held concurrently with Super Sires 2 Yr Old Open Western Pleasure Breeders Purse class. This class derives from Super Sires 2021 YEARLING SALE, adding $12,500! Sale Graduates have an opportunity to compete for over $32,500! Thank you to our title sponsor for this event, Dr. & Mrs. Tony Rocconi, of MID-SOUTH EQUINE, located in Tioga, Texas. The event is slotted during prime time on Friday, October 21, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

At the 2022 All American Quarter Horse Congress, Super Sires is once again supporting a Non Pro Open HUS Longe Line ($5,000 purse) and a 4 & 5 Yr Old Non Pro Trail class ($1,000 purse.)

We are thankful to the Ohio Quarter Horse Association for hosting Super Sires at the 2022 All American Quarter Horse Congress and allowing us to hold these exclusive classes for the offspring of Super Sires stallions.

Super Sires will host the 2nd annual Online Yearling Sale as well as the annual Stallion Service Sale in November of 2022. Both will take place during the AQHA World Show.

Our Executive Committee’s goal is to create a program that connects stallion owners to mare owners, mare owners and breeders to buyers, and owners to trainers. The Super Sires Online Yearling Sale and resulting Sale Graduate classes are an example of the Super Sires Executive Committee’s commitment to creating progressive strategies that offer unique and lucrative opportunities for horsemen and women. No compensation is paid to the EC for their time…the drive is real to make a positive difference. By the end of 2022, Super Sires will have paid over $900,000 in cash and awards.

Entry information will be available in the event page. If you have questions on any part of our program, please feel free to contact Executive Director, Christa Conway (click here to email or 765-744-7363) or any of the Executive Committee members.