Too Sleepy To Zip
Western Pleasure Super Sire
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2015          2020
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Hunter Under Saddle Super Sire
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2000 AQHA Sorrel Stallion
Zippo Jack Bar x To Sleepy Too by Sleepy's Man
Owned by BSB Quarter Horses

Multiple World Champion Sire in AQHA, APHA & ApHC
On AQHA, APHA & ApHC leading sire lists
Two time Western Pleasure Super Sire of the Year
2002 Congress Champion Western Pleasure
2002 AQHA World Show 2yr - 7th
Also winning in Hunter Under Saddle


Super Sire Stallion Service Sale - SOLD
This Stallion Service has been marked as SOLD.
Standing at:
BSB Quarter Horses
29330 East US 12
Sturgis, MI 49091 U.S.A
(269) 651-6337
BSB Quarter Horses

Nominated Foals by Too Sleepy To Zip

Purse Year
Foaling Date
Registered Name
Reg #(s)
Western Pleasure Program
2012 1/1/2013 Buzzzzn Bout Me AQHA G Lets Get Zipped
2012 1/1/2013 Sleepin In On Sunday AQHA M On The A List
2013 1/1/2014 Too Zipped Too Sleep AQHA G A Chex By Holly
2013 1/1/2014 Hourgirl Sleeps APHA/AQHA M Hourradicalvalentine
2013 1/1/2014 Sleepin By The Bay AQHA G Miss Potential Bay
2014 1/1/2015 Sleepin Sadie AQHA M A Chex by Holly
2014 1/1/2015 Sleep With Cupid AQHA M Form The Line Behind
2014 1/1/2015 Hesa Sleepy Asset AQHA G Heirogant Asset
2014 1/1/2015 Gettin Sleepy AQHA G HF Diva
2014 4/1/2015 Just Plain Sleepy AQHA G Im Already Invited
2014 1/1/2015 Cuz Im Sleepy AQHA M Invited Cuzim Flashy
2014 1/1/2015 AJ Sleep Tyte AQHA M Invited I Am
2014 1/1/2015 Sleepin Double AQHA M Lope In My Boots
2014 1/1/2015 Im Good N Sleepy Too APHA G Paintedgoodnclassy
2014 1/1/2015 Pistol Packing Annie AQHA M Vested In Hope
2014 1/1/2015 Willy Willy Sleepy AQHA G Will She Invite Me
2014 1/1/2015 Justa Lil Sleepy AQHA M ZF Uptown Girl
2015 1/1/2016 Sleepnmarriedwhoknew AQHA G A Bodacious Babe
2015 3/21/2016 Sleeping On The Job AQHA M BP Miss Emma Dee
2015 1/1/2016 Spot Me Sleepin APHA/AQHA M Hot Jessy Jazz
2015 1/1/2016 AJ Sleepin Til 8 APHA/AQHA S Invited I Am
2015 1/1/2016 ZZZquil AQHA S Ms Mae Flash
2015 1/1/2016 When Im Good N Sleepy APHA G Paintedgoodnclassy
2015 1/1/2016 Pending AQHA M Rhapsody In The Rain
2015 5/5/2016 Been Sleepin AQHA M Whoz Been Good
2016 2/21/2017 Suddenly Sleepy AQHA M KM So Bodacious
2016 3/15/2017 Dude Im Sleeping AQHA G Surely A Gab
2016 3/30/2017 Tip Off To Sleep AQHA G Tip It On Back
2017 3/17/2018 Pending AQHA M Bea Sweet Blaze

Hunter Under Saddle Program
No nominated foals to date

Update 8/20/2019.
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